Consumers Can’t Stop Raving About How the Don’t Bite Me! Patch Helps Them Stay Bite Free!

I hand out samples of these patches to my friends and send them the links to your web site.  As a life-long, prime mosquito target, it has really changed my ability to spend time outdoors in certain conditions.  I have used the patch on trips to Africa, the Middle East and Asia with great success.  Probably more important is that my husband is as susceptible to deer tick bites as I am to mosquitos.   One summer BP (before patch) I removed more than 30 deer ticks from his body.  AP (after patch) I can't remember a single one.  Lyme Disease is still so often misdiagnosed, even in regions where people and doctors are more aware.  I only wish the patch worked on spiders.  As far as I'm concerned, your product should be on the shelves of every retail store.  So much more pleasant that those yucky sprays.
Anna Hannon Gill

Thank you for a Bite Free wedding in the rural area of Darwin.   Both interstate and local guests were pleased with the no fuss application and simplicity of the patch.  No more spraying ineffective repellents which only seem to antagonise our breeds of mosquito up here.  Adults and children alike had a carefree afternoon, evening and night at the wedding reception which was held on a huge expanse of lawn.  Not even at dusk!
We took our interstate guests sightseeing the day after the wedding and ran into other sightseers who were being eaten and spread the word.  I gave them your contact information.
My friends who live in Sydney and  have a holiday home near Port Macquarie are constantly chewed by mozzies and sandflies.  They were incredibly impressed with the product as unlike other repellents once the patch has been applied you forget it's there.
I'll continue to "spread" the good word.
Thank you so much - the wedding was wonderful and bite free! Julie
Julie Twine

I just want to say thank you very much for these patches.  My 4 year old is severely allergic to misquitoes and these patches are a god send!  The only issue that I have is that they are no longer in the stores around my house. 

Keep up the great work and thank you again!!Jaclyn Grimes

I've been telling everyone about your little bug patch! My husband is running for
Alabama Senate Representative and we have to attend a lot of functions that are held
outside and in the evening!  Everyone wonders why everyone else is being eaten alive
while we are cool as cucumbers! So I tell them all about the Don't Bite Me Patch!
All the stores that carry it in Birmingham are out of stock now!  I also make sure that
all our volunteers and staff have them when at functions.  Like today husband is
speaking at a tea party 4th of July celebration and the patches are a must!  It's not
good to be swatting bugs while up in front of 10,000 people!  I love it!  Keep up the
great work! 
And support!
Cause we love you guys!

Melissa Pritchett

Thank God someone has made something that don't have such a strong smell to get
rid of bugs. You just put the patch on and go and I love it for my little girl I don't
have to spray her down with something that in years they could say that there was
something in it to hurt her......Thanks SO Much IT WORKS

Charlena Everidge

I just bought my first box of Don''t Bite Me patches this week. My kids are allergic
to mosquitoes and we have tons of them. My youngest even though we sprayed him
down had got a couple bites near his eyes (where we were careful not to get to much
chemical) and the next day his eye was almost swollen shut due to bites. I went to the
store, found your product and used it right away. I took his first patch of yesterday
NO BITES and we have put a new one on him today. THANK YOU for such a
great product.  I am recommending this to all my friends, especially with kids. Seeing your kids bit up by bugs and swollen is horrible, and this simple patch can stop it all.
Diana and family

I bought a pack of DBM patches because I was going camping. They turned
out to be the best little things ever! I wish I had sample patches to give out to my friends and family! They are truly the best working product out there!

I am confined to the house most of the time now since I have Myasthenia Gravis. I really took a hit once when I stepped outside and into my flowerbed to pull out a simple weed. Stung quickly with mosquitos in three - four spots, which I thought nothing of.... then I realized since I was on a high dose of prednisone... my imune system couldn't even handle a little mosquito bite. I suffered terribly with these little bites that turned into large 2-inch diamater leg ulcers. It took 8 months for those little bites to heal. I thougt I would never get to go outside again. Then I briefly say your product and took a chance on you. I cant say thank you enough. Now I am outside more and more. And no bites!
Just got back from my cruise to Alaska and wanted to tell you thanks.  We used the
patch when we were in Juneau and Sitka and it worked very well. Neither of us got a
single bite and there were many of Alaska's state bird (the mosquito).  Thank you
very much.

Sarah Lehan

I recieved your free samples. I used them on my grandson over the weekend. He is allergic to mosquito bites. IT WORKED. Thank you.   I am spreading the word about your patches
JT’s Grandmom

I just wanted to drop a quick line to say how much I appreciated your Don't Bite Me
patches.  I get bitten whenever I am on holiday and my bites always react badly and
get infected.  However, Don't Bite Me patches worked like an absolute dream!  I
had 3 bites all holiday and think they were inflicted when I'd fallen asleep for 30
minutes without a patch.  I'm never using spray repllent again.  These patches are the
best product I've ever tried.

A Boyson

Some months ago, I ordered a large number of patches to send to missionary friends in Mozambique whose son was being bitten by malaria-bearing mosquitos. The lady who took my order was very helpful and arranged a direct method of shipping that saved packaging material, as well as a lot of money. Our friends were very grateful and had this to say:
Your patches are here! I got them when we were away at a conference without
email, so Luke has already used one successfully. He was getting bitten so much he
had welts on his legs, and it stopped!  It is great to see real evidence that the patches
work! And it is a huge help and peace of mind. Thanks so much! Thought you'd like to know the patches work, even in tough places like Mozambique. And I am grateful for your helpfulness in making this happen.

Eleanor Gustafson

I just wanted to say what a fantastic product I have been hospitalised with a mosquito bite in Italy in the past.  I used the patches this year and did not get bitten the entire holiday - I went to Sicilly in August Absolutely marvelous thanks very much.  My husband is going to India to work for 2 weeks and I will be buying him some of the patches.  They really work.  I'm so grateful - I just wanted to let you know.
Isabell Herrick

I have just returned from 2 weeks in Cyprus and it is the first time ever that I haven’t
had a single bite!!! There were 12 people in our party and everyone but myself had
bites.  Thank you for a wonderful product, I will definitely use the patches again.

Kath Kear

What a fantastic product!  No sticky smelly lotions!!  Just returned from Kruger Park area, South Africa with no bites at all!  Even in Europe I used to be breakfast, lunch and dinner for any insects – what a relief to have found a product where I don’t return covered in insect bites!
Thank you
Maggie Harries

"Your product is great and it saved me a great shot on the 18th hole!! God Bless you!"
David Milligan

"I used this patch for the first time last weekend. I am normally one of those people that the bugs will go to first, and I get terribly bitten up. We went camping last weekend, and the mosquitos were fierce! I applied one of those patches, and could not believe the difference. They actually avoided me! No bites at all. And to think that there are no harmful chemicals to apply, well, that's about as good as it gets. Love those patches!"
Dave S, Connecticut

"The Don't Bite Me Patch is amazing. My daughter and I attended my sister's wedding in the mountains near Alamosa, NM. The campsite was gorgeous, but full of hungry mosquitoes(we are both mosquito magnets)! Neither of us received one bite!! The patch works. I just wish they sold it in the stores near me. I checked the local Walmart, but to no avail. (My sister had bought it at the Walmart in Alamosa). This is a great product, but you need to expand the distribution!!! I've already informed numerous people about it."
Noel Adachi, Lincolnshire, IL

Thank you again for the Don't Bite Me! Patches. My friends went down to Puerto Rico last week and they loved them. What an amazing product and it's environmentally safe. Congratulations!
Carlos Moreno Jr. - "Manny the Mechanic - Transformers Movie" or

I have been using your patches since summer of 2007, having read about them in Real Simple magazine (a subscription that my sister bought for me, or else I might not have found your product so easily/quickly).
We, my husband and I, think they are amazing, and have given many samples out to friends....most of whom I believe have become customers.

Every summer, I am bitten repeatedly and mercilessly, usually bearing the scars of bites for years to come (I live in generally rather humid and mosquito-ridden New York).

This summer and last, the only times I have been bitten are when I have not been wearing a DBM patch (with the exception of the few times I have been near the water, at night and in a very large crowd of people--surely the skeeters just bumped into me and the invisibility cloak thus dropped).
Thank you for your time and your amazing product."
Alison McKenna-Miller

"I was given your product to use at our vacation home in Northern Wisconsin. This was the weekend of August 4th 2008. Bugs are very bad at that time of the year. We had a family gathering with 3 little kids ages 4 to 8 and a couple of teenagers. I was leery about using the patch on the little ones. But after I read it was safe, I figured it could not hurt. We have tried Off and almost every spray and lotion available on the market and nothing seemed to work.

After I applied the patches the kids said they were not being bothered by any bugs at all. The patches stayed on after swimming, tubing, water skiing, and showering. After about 3 days they started to come off and the kids instantly wanted another one.

I would recommended this product to anyone.

Thanks again for making our vacation bug free."
Sandy Granholm, Palos Hills, IL

My name is Amber and I have 2 little boys and several neices and nephews that use the "Dont Bite Me!" patches. I was introduced to the patch by my grandmother, who couldnt say enough about them. They have become a neccesity in any traveling or out door activity. We have friends that beg for them now. It gives me peace to know my children are safe from bites when they are outdoors. I tell everyone I meet about these!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make a product that protects us and our children."
Amber Jenkins, Fort Worth Texas

"Just thought I'd let you know that I absolutely love your product! I was totally astounded at how well it worked! I am allergic to gnats and no-see-um bites and my husband and I were working in the back of our home. We live in the woods, on 26 wooded acres, so we certainly have bugs! The gnats were horrid, flying in my face, my arms, around my head. I did not get even one bite! Good thing the patch worked or I'd have been in misery, there were so many landing on me. They'd fly right off, though! Easy to use, no harmful chemicals, extended protection, no stickiness... What more could anyone ask? Thank you for this wonderful product!"
Connie Disbrow, East Stroudsburg, PA

"I recently used the patch while on a 2 week vacation in the South. I traveled from Mississippi to Louisiana to Memphis, Tennessee and back to Mississippi where we flew back home to Los Angeles. I must say during the time I wore the patch I experienced no insect bites (mosquitoes seem to wait for me at the airport when I go on these vacations every 2 years). I changed my patch diligently every 36 hours. On the morning I decided not to replace my patch because I thought I wasn't going to spend any extended period outdoors I received 3 bites. Normally for the time period I ended up standing outside talking that night I would have been covered with bites."
Linda Cryer, Los Angeles CA

"I ordered this after reading about it in the paper. So, after receiving it and putting one on my daughter for her to test at Girl Scout Camp (can you say guinea pig) she came home with only a few bites on her feet. The large scale test came when the entire family spent 5 days out on the farm in early July with excellent results. I have recommended this to other family and friends who have also gone on to purchase them.

Like most people we sunscreen and bug spray our kids during the summer but although we feel okay throwing kids to bed after a long day with sunscreen on we are always compelled to have them shower if they have used bug repellant. With this product we can stay out late and not worry about the kids being drenched in chemicals if they happen to fall asleep in the car on the way home." Thanks,

Michele & Matt McNall

"Our family has used the Don't Bite Me patches for two summers now. They do a great job keeping the mosquitoes away! I send my kids to camp with them and they like not having to worry about covering themselves with smelly mosquito spray. Instead, they put on a new patch every few days.

We have used the patches while travelling to Belize, The Caribbean, Costa Rica, Mexico, Yosemite National Park, Florida, and North Carolina. The patches usually last about two or three days and we love that we don't have to bring along sprays that are really bulky in our luggage.
I am just about to place another order and will be getting "extras" because we always end up sharing with people who ask why our legs are not all bitten like theirs are!"
Natalie C. Kelley
Timothy F. Kelley, MD, Inc.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my patches today just in time for vacation. Thank you so much for express mailing them and the extra patches!! I really appreciate it!! We are going camping for the week, so I don't know what I would have done without them.They are great and I can finally enjoy the outdoors without getting eaten alive!!" Thanks again,

Vicki Stratton, Hillsboro, OH

"I just got a sample patch in the mail two days ago and I have to say I love it! I hate the bad smell of bug spray, and the fact its not waterproof, and it doesn't work 100%, etc, but with this patch I just put it on and BANG 2 hours later the bugs don't even go near me. The best part is that it works 36 hours, so no bugs bite in the water, while I'm asleep, etc. I'm surprised no one thought of this earlier. You all are geniuses!"


"I think your product is fabulous and I recommend it worldwide. Perhaps you have received orders from India since my trip there. I Iike the fact that it's a natural product, that I don't have to worry about missing spots with sprays, that the protection lasts for 36 hours and one can shower with it on. I always keep it in my travel bag just in case the area to which I'm traveling has mosquitoes."
Rita Dickinson

I just wanted to say the biggest THANK YOU for giving me back my holidays! For over 30 years I've partly dreaded going away knowing that I would return with bites and swollen patches. This time - nothing - I can't believe how wonderful your patches are and how well they work.
Well done."
From a very happy and satisfied customer,
Susan Merritt, UK

"I purchased your patches from some store in the area and cannot find out where. They are the only thing that has worked for the no-see-ums that will eat you alive here on the marsh of NC. Thank you for allowing me to continue my passion for gardening (so much so that I had a Garden Center for years). I cannot wait to get a lifetime
supply, thank goodness I saved the box."
Gay C. Ausband , Southport, NC

"I have to tell you, I got your product because I fight with the bugs every year. I have scars from bites I have reserved-- been on antibotics every summer from them. I guess you could say I HAVE AN ALLERGY to
them--lol. After reserving your product i tryed it and it works for me -I just can't say enough about it. I'm ordering more right now!!!!"
Kristol Phillips

During the month of June, 2007, I had the opportunity to try out a new product that provides a repellant action for insects called “DON’T BITE ME! PATCH”. DON’T BITE ME! PATCH is a trans-dermal patch that is DEET free and is easily put on your upper arms or neck area and it seemed to be very effective. My family and I used the product while attending little-league baseball games and the product was just as effective as the sprays and lotions we normally use. As a test subject, I would highly recommend this product for its convenience and effectiveness since you don’t even know you are wearing the patch. I believe DON’T BITE ME! PATCH to be a great product.Mark Persall, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Birmingham, AL
“I live in northeastern North Carolina, but work in southeastern Virginia at a very wooded area that is heavily infested with ticks. This spring of 2007 I was outside a lot, and getting about 5 – 10 ticks off me every day! I saw the ad in the Reader’s Digest, called the 800-338-9260 phone number, and talked to Mr. Garrett Kauffman. Although the company was in Texas, he told me that he hadn’t had any customers in my area, and would send me two patches to try out. I put the patch on, and was somewhat questioning if it would work. I absolutely could not believe the results! I did not have a single tick on me!! I can truly give my highest praise and recommendations for the Don’t Bite Me! Patch, and say that it far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely continue to use this product.”Sally Bush Minor, Elizabeth City, NC
Dear “Don’t Bite Me! Patch” Inventors,
"I would like to thank you for your prompt service, delivery and a product that is amazingly effective. As we were leaving for a short vacation in Costa Rica, of course during the rainy and mosquito season, I attempted to purchase the patch at a local retail store but without luck. With only 5 days until our departure I immediately got on the phone to see if I can order it directly, as I did not want to leave here without the “Don’t Bite Me! Patch” for obvious reasons. I was much obliged to have reached a very pleasant and helpful lady on the other line, who had placed the order ASAP. The patches arrived in time for our departure, as she had promised.
My husband and I did not hesitate to patch ourselves as soon as we arrived. The next day we had an excursion on horses through the rainforest of Costa Rica. Our guide, Pedro, was constantly swinging little tree branches around him to keep the mosquitoes away, while my husband and I were enjoying the wildlife and fauna, completely oblivious to the bugs around us. We did not get stung a single time, nor did other bugs buzz us.
Once again, thank you for such a great and convenient product that works and is not messy."
Aleksandra and Tom

"I read about your product in Real Simple magazine and bought a trial package. I have since purchased larger quantities. As someone who is a prime target for every biting insect on the face of the earth it has changed my ability to enjoy outdoor activities without spraying myself with oily, smelly chemicals that I know cannot be good for my skin. Recently we had a deck party and someone else had to say, "We should move this indoors now as the bugs are taking over."
Anna Hannon McGill

"Thank you for your prompt response to my order. I have been using the patch while working outside in my garden in Galveston... haven’t had bites at 83 year old mom has been using the patch too with good results."
Cathryn Haynes

We took a hundred kids to camp this past summer and provided them with the Don't Bite Me! Patch. Some wanted to wear it and others opted out. Within the first few hours of camp I had students who opted out coming to meand begging me for the patch because they were getting mosquito bites and those wearing the patch were not. We kept everyone supplied during camp and they did not hesitate to let us know when they needed another patch. It made a huge difference! The Don't Bite Me! Patch made camp much more enjoyable for all of us!"
Carrie Rose, Student Pastor, Covenant Family Church

"Wow!! Springs and summers here in Albany, NY and in Lake George, NY in the Adirondack Mountains would be a horrible time for me. For some reason, bugs like me. I would be covered with bites from head to toe even though I used bug spray/insect repellent by the bucketful!!! Often I would also end up with infections around the site and would have to go to the doctors for antibiotics!! What a miserable time. I searched the Internet trying to find a connection to "why the bugs like me". I even had a pharmaceutical intern search also. I was thinking of hiring out as a bug repellent tester it was so bad. My days in the garden were over; my nights near the woods at our home in Lake George were over. Even inside my home, some bug would find me. Then my life changed. I found an article in the Albany Times Union about Don't Bite Me Patch. Quick as a flash, I found your web site and called to order a supply. What a life changing experience.
I have been using the patch faithfully since June 2007. So far, only a small handful of bites (maybe a total of four). Gardening is possible, hiking is possible, campfires are possible, night walks are possible, and seeing my grandchildren play sports is possible. I couldn't believe it!!!! I have recommended the patch to so many people.
I would be glad to market/sell your product anywhere!!! Just call me. Don't Bite Me Patch is an A-one product!!"
Pam Burns, Slingerlands, NY

"IT WORKS!!!!! I can testify that after our third trip to our weekend place, which included walking through, cutting, and trimming wet grass, I had only one bite. And that was only at the end of the 36 hrs. In addition, I am highly allergic to gnats and had no bites what so ever. I can now enjoy the outdoors country, fishing and all!!!
(One word of caution, don't step in a Fire Ant pile! The patch doesn't seem to phase them.)"
Sharon Lowery

"I must tell you how great the patches worked for us. You may recall I wanted them for our trips to the hill country to avoid having a tick body check 3 times a day. Well your patches worked GREAT. We had NO ticks. Now we are both around the 200 pound mark unfortunately so we wore two each. But that is all right because your product works. It is easy, not messy and convenient. I will be ordering more and telling friends. I saw you guys on Channel 13 today — but they didn't really tell the viewers how to find you. But word of mouth may be your best advertising and that doesn't cost a thing.
Thanks again for making a great product that really works as it is presented."
Sharon Stewart

"On May 5th, my hunting partner and myself went to my land in northern Wisconsin for the weekend to plant trees. The first day I stopped counting the ticks on me at 50 early in the afternoon. (I did miss one that embedded itself and I had to make a trip to the doctors’ office when I returned.) When I returned my wife saw an article in the Parade section of the Sunday’s paper about the "Don’t Bite Me! Patch". I ordered a 10 pack.
Over the weekend of July 27th, I returned to my land to add some tree stands for the upcoming hunting season along with a different hunting buddy. We both put a patch on and between both of us had 8 ticks crawl on us and none that bit. While working deep in the woods we were not bothered by any mosquitoes or flies. Needless to say the product worked better then expected."
Tom Puskarich

"I had just dropped you a note that I did not get a confirmation, and when I got home I had received the patches. I am amazed I ordered on Friday and they were in my mailbox on Monday. I thank you very much for the customer service. I will be ordering many more and giving them away."
Thanks again,
Kathy Ansell, Lewisville, Texas

"I just wanted to let you know that I am trying your product, and it seems that it is working. My friends always kidded with me that all they would have to do is invite us to their outing and they would be safe because all of the biting insects come to me, and that is no lie. I am a magnet of all biting insects. I have been my whole life. I have received your free sample. And now just placed an order for a box of 20. I have been telling all of friends about your patch. And all agree that they are going to try your product. So if you start getting requests from the Norfolk, Virginia area, That will be me telling them all about this wonderful patch. Keep it up. And I hope to see it out here soon. I will also email my friends here and in Michigan to let them know about your product."
Laura Sannes

"Thank you for this wonderful product. We bought 4 boxes before heading to our lakeside cabin in Maine for 2 weeks. Generally, we have to use a bug repellent because there are mosquitoes, black flies, no seeums and ticks. Our family of 3 (and 3 guests who were here for a few days) used the patches religiously and only one of us got bitten at all - just twice. This is an amazing product. During the week, I actually found (at different times) 2 ticks crawling around on me, but they weren't biting or attempting to attach. We are really amazed and so satisfied. The fact that there are no harmful chemicals is a huge plus. We are recommending these to everyone we see. They are simply too good to be true. Thank you for such a wonderful product. We'll be placing another order soon."
Cathy & Roger Schwartz, Longmeadow, MA

"Hi, I purchased your product on line and received my order the day my kids and I headed up to the family cabin in the Wisconsin woods. I am always being bitten by “stuff” and I was bite free and not annoyed by bugs all weekend. My next test is traveling to Southern Europe during the height of summer bugs there. I hope it does not disappoint during the second test. Great product, and I cannot wait to tell my friends here in the mosquito state of Minnesota."
Jasmine Hoedeman

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product! I am a real baby about mosquito bites and refuse to go outside after dusk, or let my kids! We live on the lake and my husband likes to have fires down on the beach at night but unless it's cold enough to cover every inch of exposed skin, the girls and I don't join him. Well, now we can! I hate the feeling of sprays, and they never work very well anyway! The only thing I notice about your patch is a faint vitamin smell. The first time I wore the patch was to a church softball game. I was telling the lady next to me that I had wasted a patch because there were no bugs out and there was a nice breeze. Within fifteen minutes, she was slapping her legs and getting big welts from the bites. I never even heard or felt a mosquito! At the same time, my girls were playing on the playground and on the grass and neither one of them got a bite either. I'm telling everyone about your patch! Please don't stop making them!"
Pam Hamilton, LaGrange, IN

"This is a wonderful product! Thank you for making our camping trip even better. Every day I watched the other parents slather there Kids with insect repellent - this usually meant holding on to a squirming kid after chasing after them. I only had to change our daughter's patch once. I don't think the mosquitoes even came near her. I told EVERYONE about your patch! The only negative thing I found was that it left a red mark where the patch was — but only on some of us (1 out of 4)."
A. McGuinness, Oakland, CA

"I must tell you this even though my husband and I still don't believe it. Last night we babysat for our 2 grandsons and spent most of the time in their backyard. After an hour or so Elliot (my husband) looks over to me and asks if I’m ready to go inside (with this funny, almost painful look on his face). I said no, I’m having a wonderful time. He walks over to me, looks me in the eyes and says, " Aren’t you getting bitten up by now?" I said no and asked why he was asking. He said because he was! Then it dawned on us ~ he was getting bitten (which never happens to him ~ we sleep in the same bed with our 2 puppies and I’ll get up in the morning covered with bites and he won't have a thing!!) and I wasn't!! Chari,in 62 years this has not happened to me ~ I’m beyond thrilled!!"
Thank you, thank you,
Sherri Rosen

"My husband works for a company that clears trees from power lines and recently was transferred to South Carolina, where the heat is 105 with 100% humidity. My husband works in swamps and in deep, thick brush. The area is highly infested with chiggers, ticks and mosquitoes. The first week, he came home with severe bites on him from chiggers and mosquitoes. It looked like he had a severe skin disease. He had horrible itching and looked awful. Fellow co-workers are getting bit up worse than my husband and several of them had severe infections from the bites and then several of them (with lots of seniority) have quit due to the horrible conditions.
The following week he took the usual deet products with him and came home with more bites. Then I found the Bite Patch. The following week, using the bite patch, no newbites and after talking with you, we have new ideas on new placements for the patch (my husband wears two patches for extra protection). The Patch is easy to use and stays on in the heat and humidity. So easy to use, we doubted it would work. We know differently now. It is amazing. You have customers for life.
Thanks for the invention! The word will be passed on!!"
Paula Pindro

"I am a defensive tackle for the Houston Energy women's professional football team. We practice on an open field during late summer — the peak of Houston’s mosquito season. There is a lot of standing water on the field, and typically each person on the team uses one full bottle of insect repellent per week because we reapply it so often. When I first learned about the Don’t Bite Me! patch I was skeptical because I’m over six feet tall and thought I would be too large for it to work. But to my delight, not only did the patch stay on through the heat and sweat, but it really worked! After revealing my “secret weapon” to the team, they are all looking forward to using the Don’t Bite Me! patch next season!"
A. Mack, Houston, TX

"We distributed the Don't Bite Me! patch to more than 30 soldiers during our three-week stay in tick and chigger infested woods along the Arkansas River. Those who used the patch had NO bites despite the huge population of mosquitoes, chigger and ticks in the area. Those soldiers who chose not to wear the patch were chewed up!SSG J. Snell, 450th EN BDE, US Army
"We used the Don’t Bite Me! patch on a troop of Boy Scouts while camping in Matagorda, TX. The boys went swimming, hiking and camping. The patch stayed in place despite the sweat and water and even better, the boys had NO bites!"
Boy Scout Troop #577, Brenham, TX

"As with any product one is skeptical that it truly does do what it says and you wonder if a real person actually tried the product and got the results it claims. I can say 100 percent with certainty that the patch works! I am visiting my parents in Florida and I tried the patch because I usually get bitten by mosquitos when we go out to a retreat center for the evening, as there is lots of water and trees around. This time, it didn't happen. Not one bite! I'm proud to say that I'm a believer and will recommend this patch to everyone I know!"
M. Goldis, Owner and Natural Foods Chef,
World Peace Kitchen, San Diego, CA